retainerBook Finders Keepers for a set number of hours support per month for a minimum of three months.

This means that you can use that time for anything relating to volunteering. It means you can call us for advice, ask us to create a process, recruit volunteers, attend a grievance meeting, write a strategic plan; anything you need from us.

If you choose to enter into a retainer agreement with Finders Keepers, we would then send you a simple retainer contract to review and sign.

Payment for a minimum of five hours per month for three months is required on the day the contract is signed and is then payable on that date every month thereafter until you give Finders Keepers one month’s notice.

There are a few benefits of entering into a retainer agreement with Finders Keepers. Retainer work takes priority over ad-hoc work and we give a significant (15%) discount to our retainer clients.

We can provide retainer support for all of the following and more. If what you require is not listed here, give us a call on 07811 461860 or drop us an email at We are confident we can help you with all of your volunteering needs.


Finding: How do you find great volunteers?Keeping: Once you've found your volunteers, how do you keep them?
  • Advice on how to find the best volunteers
  • Recruitment process; do you have a structured recruitment process?
  • Introduction of new capacities in which volunteers can support you; assessment of need and practical support
  • Advertising; procedure / advice / practical support
  • Volunteer related press releases
  • Meetings with volunteers; facilitation or organisation of
  • Problem solving; identification and resolution
  • Planning / strategy writing; for organisational cohesion / funding applications etc.
  • Working with Volunteers’ presentations / documents
  • Advice on volunteer retention
  • Policy documents; both generic (eg. grievance) and organisation specific (eg. does your organisation need a lone working policy?)
  • Volunteer agreements; both generic (eg. confidentiality) and role specific
  • Misconduct issues; do you have a procedure for dealing with misconduct? Perhaps you have existing misconduct issues?
  • Motivation methods; structure and implementation
  • Recognition schemes; structure and implementation
  • Expenses; policy and procedural
  • Staff/volunteer integration; policies / facilitation
  • Engagement programmes; structure and implementation
  • Meetings with volunteers – facilitation or organisation of
  • Problem solving; identification and resolution
  • ‘Working with Volunteers’ presentations / documents